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 What a perfect way to transform your life, have the life changing books, exciting surprise gifts and everything you never knew you needed until now, delivered right to your door at whatever pace you choose, a box packed full of positivity, motivation and happiness. 


    What will I get in each box?

    • An authors book (Please get in touch if you wish for alternatives)*
    • A book written by me to maximise growth on each months topic
    • Daily inspiration cards (everyones favourite) 
    • Gifts in each box from notebooks to t-shirts and tote bags you will have surprises in every box
    • Chocolate and sweet treats 
    • A chance to win a 3 month subscription in every box
    • Access to a private online community 
    • Full support from me! You will get to know me throughout your whole subscription 
    • All the tools to a brand new growth mindset and positive outlook on life
    • The chance to be apart of a community of like minded individuals all reaching for happiness and success

    Coming soon to your subscription:

    FREE premium access to an exciting new app (Soon to be revealed)

    DISCOUNTS on other businesses

    What are you waiting for?

    Get yours now and join us all experiencing life with a growth mindset


    In each box we will cover a new topic which will teach you more valuable skills to get ahead in life and shape it into exactly what you want it to be. An example of some of our monthly topics we will cover together are:

    • Habits
    • Procrastination
    • Discipline
    • Self beliefs / Confidence
    • Money mindset
    • Social Media
    • The power of positivity
    • Relationships with yourself and others
    • Getting out your comfort zone
    • Finding your purpose
    • Living the life you truly want
    • How to implement everything and take action
    • and so much more...


    We have so much to get through - this material is so crucial to our happiness & success. It is time to put our minds first to move forward to the next stage of growth in our lives.

    This is about making you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, because that is where the growth happens. We will ensure you believe you can and you will do whatever you set out to do. Whether it be from a small task to get you through the day or work on a dream life which you have always wanted. The first step in this direction is all down to mindset. There isn’t a single happy and successful person in this world who started out with a bad mindset, it is the first cause of action. This will teach you to acknowledge and accept that a bad situation can always happen but it's about how you control your reaction and manage your thoughts, which really matters.

     If you have dreams of creating your life into everything you have ever wanted, stop waiting for the right time, start now, make it the right time, there has never been a better time for you to work on your mindset. 

    I am so ready to begin transforming your life with you, are you ready to start too?


    Please see FAQ page for more information.
    Skip or cancel at any time. Please allow 3-5 working days for your order to be shipped. Payments are made on the same as your purchase date.
    Please note the boxes will arrive sealed and ready to give to your recipient if buying as a gift.
    Store in a cool dry place away from any heat due to the contents containing chocolate.
    Allergens: contains MILK, WHEAT, BARLEY, SOY, LACTOSE, MAY CONTAIN NUTS AND HAZELNUTS depending on that months contents. Please get in touch if you have any allergens or intolerances. 
    *Please note the books in the images are examples of the genre you will receive and cannot be guaranteed to be the same as those in images above. One authors book per month.
    Purchasing the black Friday subscription and receiving 50% off your fist two months means you must fulfil those 2 orders before you are able to pause or cancel.


    Here's what you said...

    I am absolutely loving this. I am in love with the exercises in the book and I've placed the cards ALL OVER our place! I can't wait for next month

    I'm a few days into my first month & am DELIGHTED!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! thank you

    Started and finished this first book today, it''s so AMAZING, it actually made me emotional. Wow. Thank you Zoe

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