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14-19 is such a crucial age for development. For some people it can be make or break, it's the stage in life where you can go one way or the other and although you are still looking for inspiration to follow, you have to start building your own path all of a sudden and it can become very overwhelming, sadly leaving many achievers to shut down and not know where to start. 

Implementing self development at this age can change someones direction, it can give them a new kind of guidance which they may have never experienced and not yet learnt about. It will keep them on track and push them to excel in life giving them the confidence that they can set out to achieve all of their dreams at such a crucial turning point in their life.

With mental health rising at such younger ages now I feel this is so important to offer out to this age group so I want to make sure it will guide them and change their outlook to be much more positive. 

UNBOX YOUR GROWTH FOR TEENS is going to be a box specialising in positivity and knowledge which this specific age range will be able to take a lot from in order to make the right decisions for the next important stages of their life. Not only that but they will take knowledge from their box which they will take with them for the rest of their life. 

They will be able to learn about mind and thought management, setting goals but most importantly, following through and executing them. I will teach them not to be afraid to fail in order to learn, this will fill them with confidence in themselves and give them the belief they need to make sure they go forward with every bit of courage. 

I believe this will be so beneficial to all that get to experience GROWTH BOX FOR TEENS

Here's what you said...

I am absolutely loving this. I am in love with the exercises in the book and I've placed the cards ALL OVER our place! I can't wait for next month

I'm a few days into my first month & am DELIGHTED!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! thank you

Started and finished this first book today, it''s so AMAZING, it actually made me emotional. Wow. Thank you Zoe

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