6 month gift subscription

6 month gift subscription

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There is no greater gift than mindset. The gift which will give forever. Whether your recipient needs a pick me up over Christmas and the new year, or you know they have got some serious goals they want to achieve this coming year. This is for them.

Available as a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Mindset can change lives, and that is exactly what I am here to help your friends and family to do with this ultimate mindset subscription.

The first box for them to unwrap will be shipped on December 10th, then each box after that will be processed on the 25th of the month.


What a perfect way to transform your life, have the tools and resources delivered to your door at whatever pace you choose, a box packed full of positivity, motivation and happiness. 


    What will be in each box?

    • An authors book (Please get in touch if you wish for alternatives)*
    • A book written by me to maximise growth on each months topic
    • Daily inspiration cards (everyones favourite) 
    • Gifts in each box from notebooks to t-shirts and tote bags you will have surprises in every box
    • Chocolate and sweet treats 
    • A chance to win a 3 month subscription in every box
    • Access to a private online community 
    • Full support from me! You will get to know me throughout your whole subscription 
    • All the tools to a brand new growth mindset and positive outlook on life
    • The chance to be apart of a community of like minded individuals all reaching for happiness and success

    Coming soon to your subscription:

    FREE premium access to an exciting new app (Soon to be revealed)

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    Here's what you said...

    I am absolutely loving this. I am in love with the exercises in the book and I've placed the cards ALL OVER our place! I can't wait for next month

    I'm a few days into my first month & am DELIGHTED!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! thank you

    Started and finished this first book today, it''s so AMAZING, it actually made me emotional. Wow. Thank you Zoe

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