How lockdown changed my life

How lockdown changed my life

Theres no denying it, lockdown has been the craziest rollercoaster for so many people, not just myself. I think we can all relate to being fine one day, to a complete mess the following day, right?

However, THANK GOD FOR LOCKDOWN. I truly believe without it, UNBOX YOUR GROWTH would not have been born. For starters, I would have not long been back from Australia so I have no idea what I would have been doing. The plan was to stay in Australia on my working visa until September (I would have been there for 9 months) but Covid cut that short. I made it 3 months and I returned back in March after the most surreal experience trying to get back, 4 cancelled flights later I landed in London Heathrow never being so relieved to kind of not be stuck on the other side of the world? As surreal as that still sounds, it was reality at the airports for many - including myself for a couple of weeks. 

Anyway, so on my return to the UK I had absolutely no plans, no job, my mom and step-dad had sold the family home so I had never actually lived in the new house. Everything was completely new and unexpected - I didn't even have a bedroom. To start with, my mentality was OK I was just grateful to be back but everything was so up in the air it just didn't feel real accepting my travels were over and adjusting to this weird lockdown thing in an area I didn't even know. I just didn't feel 'home'. 

Weeks past and I just got so so low I would just cry at the fact I felt I had lost everything in a way and all I wanted was a thriving career. I am such a driven person, having nothing to do was slowly destroying me, having no job was one of the hardest things I have had to experience.

I think I got to around June where I started to get back into my fitness again after having a bit of a wobble with my routine and absolutely 0 motivation to get started on a workout. I tried running for a while, until I fell over down the canal and smashed my phone - lol. Well that is just another story. Having no phone for a while was also a blessing, I chose not to order a new one just so I could experience being completely offline for a bit.

So remember I said we had moved house, I was still all packed up, everything still in boxes as I wasn't expected home for another 6 months there was just no where for me to unpack my stuff. Building work on hold due to lockdown. One day, I came across a box full of all my self development books, thank god for that moment. I picked up my first one after a few months break reading and that was that, I havn't stopped reading since, it has changed everything for me. 

Trust me when I say you have to consciously make the decision to make a change to your mentality, we can feel ourselves getting low and we have to stop it, it takes so much strength but the lower you get the harder it is to get out of it. It takes so much work but honestly, it can save you. Luckily because I had done so much self development previously and had overcome serious anxiety and depression, I was aware of myself getting depressed which was actually scary to feel like I am now in control of getting myself out of it, it was still just as hard but I just needed to remind myself I can do this and I will do this. Get some positivity in your life, pick up the books and change your life. What is the point being grumpy, use lockdown as a chance to plan your life and get stuff together, complete courses, learn a new skill, but the best thing I did was develop my mindset. Mindset in lockdown has changed everything and if it wasn't for lockdown giving me more than enough time in the day to just spending thinking, I wouldn't of been able to get myself out that rut.

I truly believe lockdown was a chance to create UNBOX YOUR GROWTH. I truly believe cutting my travels short was just a sign there were other plans to me, getting so low was just a test, it had to happen for me to have the strength and passion to want to create this for you all so you can begin to learn the same as me.

I am so grateful for lockdown